Metro "I AM NOT DEAD" - Nollywood Writer Adebayo Faleti Slams Internet Rumors


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Earlier on Monday August 18th, several small-time news sites carried the story that Adebayo Faleti, the literary icon, had died.

This is now known to be false.

Reacting to the rumors, Adebayo Faleti said, “I am alive. I am alive. Long life will be my lot”.

As it turns out, it was Chief Supo Koseemani, another Yoruba figure, who had died.

Another prestigious scholar and writer, Professor Akinwumi Isola said that it was a case of misinterpretation: "Baba Faleti is still very much alive. Many people have called me to inquire about the state of things with him. He is still very much alive. It is true that he had been indisposed for some time, but he has got better now."

He observed that “the person who has passed on is Alagba Supo Koseemani, the specialist in Yoruba proverbs. I gathered that he passed on in Ibadan on Sunday”.

Source: #DailyPost


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