Metro 'IGP Idris, This is Not Common Sense' by Jonathan Nda-Isaiah [OPINION]



During the week, the acting Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, accused his predecessor, Solomon Arase of moving away with 24 Police vehicles, including the official IGP staff car, which is armoured plated and bullet proof, and the spare staff car, both of which are BMWs.

While this may be a valid accusation, it displays a lack of maturity and tact from the Acting IGP. Maybe he has caught the virus of our politicians who blame all their woes on their predecessors.

I remember when the new administration kicked off on May 29, last year, we were burdened with tales from governors who complained of meeting empty treasuries, even second term governors like Rochas Okorocha of Imo, complained of empty treasury. He forgot he handed over to himself.

The new police chief decided to tow that same path by trying to paint his predecessor black, which is not common sense at all. Even if it’s true, what stops him from calling Arase and discussing the matter one on one, instead of playing to the gallery and telling the media? What he wanted to achieve by that is still a subject of conjectures.

The IGP should hit the ground running instead of engaging in media wars that will lead us to nowhere. It’s no secret that the rate of kidnapping is at an all-time high. This year alone, five traditional rulers have been kidnapped. These are the worst times to live in Nigeria. The scariest part of it is that kidnappers are even demanding for 50 thousand naira ransom in some places to show the extent of desperation in the land.


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