Politics Implementing some Confab Recommendations will Open Gate of Hell



Malam Muhammad Sani Zoro a delegate at the National Conference on the platform of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) believes that implementing some of the recommendations of the conference will open the gates of hell in Nigeria.

During an interview session with DAILY TRUST, when asked a question on the practicability of the confab recommendation, Zoro said, "Well, I want to say that if the President considers operationalising some of these recommendations, it will be equivalent to opening the gate of hell because nobody can manage the outcome of that blunder. Take for instance the state police.

"Yes, in principle, security is on the concurrent list in the federation, which include police, among others. Secondly, state being the second tier of government can have their own police. In the United State even the university can have their police. Local governments can have their own police as it is obtained in the United States. However, because our federalism did not evolve since decree one enacted by General Aguiyi Ironsi, which made him head of the state, we have been operating a unitary system of government.
So, to come and reverse a system with cumulative effect since 1966 is something that must be handled very delicately and carefully"

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SOURCE: #DailyTrust

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