General Improve Your Skills by Obtaining Google Professional Cloud Architect Certbolt Certification with Dumps


Out of all the kinds of certifications offered by Google, the Professional Cloud Architect credential is among the most popular options. It provides experienced individuals from major technical fields with thorough training so as to develop their skills in design, execution, and administration. And it is rightly recognized for its quality: in 2019, it has been named the highest-paying cloud certification (according to the research by Global Knowledge). Also, as stated at the Google Cloud Whitepaper, it won the recommendation of 78% of Google Could certified personnel.

Do you want to know more about how to earn this badge and what is the path to attaining it? Then, read on as this article will provide a guide through the Google Professional Cloud Architect credential and its assessment.

About the Certification Exam

The exam is two hours long and is available in English and Japanese. The questions are presented in multiple choice and multiple select formats. To sit for it, you need to pay a registration fee of $200 (plus tax where applicable) and choose if you want to take it online or at a convenient testing center.

There areno prerequisites for this certification and exam, except for the recommended 3+ years of experience in the industry together with 1+ years of designing and managing solutions using the GCP. You can check the detailed guide provided by Google Cloud for all the topics included in the syllabus.

Training Offered

Google Cloud provides an excellent overview of the test as well as helpful training options like case studies and hands-on labs. Four main full-fledged programs offered are the following:

Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Exam

Official Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect Exam Guide

Architecting with Google Computer Engine

Getting started with Google Kubernetes Engine

Frequent and diligent practice is the primary key to success in this exam.So, don’t hesitate to take the practice test that is also provided by Google Cloud. Answering the questions included in it, you’ll assess your proficiency in design, analyzing, planning, and management abilities as well asyour general knowledge of cloud architecture.

Additional Resources and Information

In addition to the mentioned resources, you can view the Google Cloud documentation and solutions regarding the principles and major sections of GCP. Also, there is more information and guidance provided on the Google Kubernetes Engine and the thematical training focused on the deployment and management of applications on this service.

Furthermore, you can make use of dumps that contain real exam questions and answers to get a good idea about the structure of the assessment. They will help you figure out your strong and weak areas, so you’ll be able to restructure your preparation allocating more time to mastering complex themes.


If you are confident that you possess all the skills and knowledge to reach the professional level of Cloud Architect, go ahead and apply for the certification to become an emerging specialist. This badge allows you to become more visible for various organizations and companies that utilize Google Cloud technologies. Therefore, it will create an exceptional demand for you in the technical field. Enroll in the official courses, assess yourself with dumps, and enhance your skills to build your dream career!
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