Politics INSURGENCY: Army Finds Links to Politicians in Balmo Forest -Vanguard



Some prominent politicians are presently being interrogated following the discovery of their identity cards and other incriminating items when troops destroyed terrorists’ camp in Balmo Forest, Bauchi State last week.

The Coordinator of the National Information Centre, NIC, Mr. Mike Omeri, told newsmen in Abuja, yesterday: “Following the last successful operation carried out by security forces to dislodge terrorists from their forest bases in Darazo Local Government Area end of Balmo Forest, some politicians are currently being interrogated following the recovery of some sensitive registration cards and other materials of a prominent political party that were found in the possession of some of the suspects arrested.

“Those who are being interrogated are prominent politicians belonging to a frontline political party. Troops even recovered the identity cards of some of the politicians.”

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SOURCE: #Vanguard

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If they keep refusing to name these politicians, Nigerians are no longer interested. One of the problems we have in this country is the press; hide important and relevant information and blow irrelevant news out of proportion. :mad:
I think it's one of two things here:
This news is a FG press release, in which case information is restricted to as far as the government would reveal, or alternatively, the information you want to know is still unconfirmed.

Barring the few agencies that are scared of being shut down, a few agencies actually will publish the information, where available, in a New York Minute, respect to John McCain.