Metro Intimate Details Of Oyakhilome's Family Life Revealed By The Nation



THE NATION has an article which sheds light on the troubled marriage of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his wife, Anita.

Read excerpts below:

The news of the divorce case between Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his wife of 23 years, Anita, is the latest of shocking marital breakdowns among Nigerian preachers. Sunday Oguntola writes on many pastors opting for the courts despite the many negative implications.

IT perhaps only came to public knowledge penultimate weekend. However, to many the seed had been planted as far back as 1999. The then 30-year old Anita Oyakhilome decided she had had enough. Her young marriage was turbulent. The husband was hardly in town. When around, he was always busy with ministry works with too many “ladies in skimpy skirts” lurking around, according to a former domestic staff.
Anita, according to multiple sources, was drained and exhausted. She had two young girls to cater for all alone. The strain of raising them and working in the church weighed her down. She craved for her husband’s attention but couldn’t get it. He was just damn too busy with church works. The presence of too many ladies in his office also left her spent.

Then one day, she decided to quit the marriage. “She wanted out since she was not getting emotional support. She felt she was not loved enough and was becoming a pain for her husband. She asked to call the marriage quit but her husband would not hear of it. He said it would destroy his ministry and church. He was willing to negotiate and Anita felt comfortable with the proposal he offered,” a family source confided in our correspondent last week.

The proposal, according to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, founder of Christ Embassy Church with headquarters in Lagos, was to dispatch his wife to Woolwich, South London with their two daughters, Sharon and Charlyn. The relocation will give the flamboyant pastor “a breathing space and sanity of mind to move the ministry forward,” a church source confirmed.

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