World Italian Mayor Claims Same-Sex couples are as Unnatural as Dogs that Meow and Cats that Bark



Gianluca Buonanno, the right-wing mayor of a small town in north-west Italy, has come under domestic and international fire for vowing to stop homosexuals from kissing in public.

Buonanno said that same-sex couples were as unnatural as dogs that meow and cats that bark.

"With my lawyers, we are looking at the most effective ways to punish behaviour that is morally harmful and against nature. We have to draft a decree that will be resistant to any possible appeal,’’ the mayor said.

Report says Buonanno hails from Borgosesia, which has about 13,000 inhabitants.

In May, he was also elected to the European Parliament for the Northern League, an anti-immigration party that has allied with France's National Front.

His remarks sparked outrage from leftists in the EU parliament, with German Social Democrat, Birgit Sippel labeling Buonanno "a disgrace" for the assembly.

"By banning gay kisses in public spaces, Mr Buonanno is attacking the dignity of the people involved. This is incompatible with European values such as respect for diversity and non-discrimination’’, Birgit complained.

Buonanno, 48, is no stranger to controversy. On his first outing as an EU lawmaker in Strasbourg earlier this month, he appeared wearing a mock burqa, to protest against the alleged invasion of Europe by Muslim migrants.

In January, while still a member of the Italian parliament, he painted his face black to protest against inverted racism. However, his party has often been accused of being racist, while one of its leading members has compared a former black government minister to "an orangutan".

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