Politics Itse Sagay Boils - Nigerian Senate Has No Right To Summon Me



Itse Sagay, Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, claims that the Nigerian Senate has no right to summon him.


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Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES after reports that he had being summoned by the Nigerian Senate, Sagay said “They have no power or authority to summon me.”

“I am not in the category of persons they can summon.”

“They ought to know that I do not come within the category of persons they can summon,” said Mr. Sagay.

“I would advise them to tell their lawyers to check the Sections 89 and 89 of the Constitution. Through that, they will know I don’t come within that category.”

“They don’t have authority to summon me. I am outside the group of persons they can summon. I am not a civil servant, I don’t belong to any commission or any…”

“I’m not going to give those details now; but if they are foolish enough to insist on my coming, at the appropriate time and at appropriate venue, all the details will come out.''

“But now let just make general statement: they have no power or authority to summon me. Period!”