Politics 'Jonathanians have Received Huge Sums of Money to Protest,Cause Trouble in Kano Today'- El-Rufia



Nigeria's former Minister of FCT, Nasir El-Rufia yesterday took to his Facebook page to write that there was going to be a huge protest in Kano state this Friday after the Jumu'at prayers as supporters of President Goodluck Jonathan(Jonathanians) have been paid to foment trouble.

El-Rufia wrote, "ALERT ON KANO: Tomorrow is Friday. We have credible information that Jonathanians in Kano and their agents have received huge sums of money to get youths to protest massively and cause mayhem after the Juma'at prayers.

The Jonathanians hope the protests will lead to violence, destruction and loss of lives, while the federal security agencies watch helplessly, thus giving President Jonathan the excuse to declare a state of emergency in Kano State, remove Governor Kwankwaso and depose Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

This plan will fail. By God's Grace, tomorrow's Juma'at prayers in Kano will be uneventful except for special prayers for the repose of Late Emir Ado Bayero.

Whoever sold this evil plan to the Jonathanians should know that those who fight the will of God will end in ignominious perdition.

Those wish for violence, plan it against innocent people, or use the offspring of the poor, needy and illiterate by putting them recklessly in harm's way will face the wrath of Almighty God.

I join others in appealing to Governor Kwankawaso and the citizens of Kano to maintain the peace and good order that exists in Kano, and exercise restraint in the face of blood-thirsty Jonathanian provocation.

We shall overcome these Jonathanian challenges and Kano and indeed the whole of Nigeria will prosper. The enemies of our nation and people that pretend to be leaders during the day, while planning the murder of citizens at night, will reap what they are sowing, by God's Grace.

- Nasir El-Rufai

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If he is called upon by the SSS to explain, we will all be up and hash-tagging. If you made statements like this in Europe or the states, I am sure you will be on the radar of the secret services - just ask Edward Snowden.

Time to get real and be responsible with our voices.