Kaduna: ABU Student Had Dengue Fever, Not Ebola



Nigeria: According to reports from Kaduna, the quarantined 19 year old undergraduate student of Law in Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), had Dengue fever, not Ebola.

Deputy Governor of Kaduna State, Ambassador Nuhu Audu Bajoga, also Chairman of the Kaduna State Ebola Prevention and Control Committee said, “just as I told you about my doubt on the Ebola issue, I am happy to inform you that the result of the sample of the patient’s blood taken to a Lagos laboratory, came back this morning. The young man was negative of the Ebola virus.

“However, the patient was tested positive for Dangue fever. I am told it is a very bad type of fever, but it is no where close to the Ebola virus. May I reassure our people that we ever ready to contain any outbreak of Ebola.

And for now, and I pray forever, There is no single case of Ebola in Kaduna state.

“We are waiting for more brief on the Dangue fever and we shall act in the best interest of the public”, he said.

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