Metro Kano Blasphemy: How Bridget Agbahiwe was Murdered - Husband Tells Full Story



Pastor Mike Agbahiwe, husband of late Bridget Agbahiwe, on Sunday revealed more details over how his wife was murdered by irate Kano youths for alleged blasphemy.

According to him, the youths were out to kill him and his wife.

“One Muslim, identified simply as Dauda, came to my wife’s shop and was washing his leg in front of the shop. My wife told the man to move up a little so that she could arrange her goods, but the man refused. Instead, the man started to molest her. He gripped her in the neck. As she tried to free herself from the grip, Dauda started shouting Allahu Akba! A mob quickly gathered.

“When we saw that danger was about to occur, we ran and took refuge in the home of a prominent Alhaji, who is a leader in the area. The Alhaji did all he could to calm the mob down. They refused and called him an infidel. The mob broke into his house and killed my wife in front of me. If not for the quick intervention of the police, who immediately used teargas to disperse them, they would have also killed me. But they destroyed everything I had: the shop, the car and so on.

“My wife was never beheaded. But the hitting was on her head and it was with hard objects. The body of my wife is in the mortuary with the head. She was not beheaded as it was widely reported.”

He spoke during a visit to Governor Rochas Okorocha at the Imo State Government House.

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