Metro Killer Air Force Officer Undergoes Psychiatric Test, To Be Dismissed



Nigeria Airforce has stated that Lt. B.A. Kalu, the officer that murdered his colleague and lover, Oladipupo Solape in cold blood, is currently undergoing psychiatric tests to ascertain his mental ability.

According to PUNCH, Lt. Kalu, an Aircraftman, would be dismissed from the service after facing a disciplinary panel and handed over to the police to be prosecuted for the murder as a civilian.

The Director of Public Relations and Information of the Nigeria Airforce (NAF), Group Captain Ayodele Famuyiwa, who confirmed the psychiatric test being carried on Lt. Kalu, said the air force would also ascertain whether the suspect acted under the influence of drugs.


One of the sources, said, “Kalu killed his girlfriend and he has admitted it. What the panel is investigating is to unravel the circumstances that led to the incident. The whole essence of that investigation is to prevent a recurrence, not to exonerate someone who has already admitted guilt.”

The NAF spokesman, Group Captain Famuyiwa, said the family of the deceased airforce woman had been contacted and condoled with.

He said, “If somebody wrote down a note and also committed himself to such act, we have to be sure if he is mentally stable or not. Therefore, there is a psychiatrist that is attached to him for a test. I also understand that some of his blood sample was taken to ascertain whether he had used drugs.

“Kalu will remain in the service until a disciplinary panel set up on the matter comes up with its decision. We know there are several offences against the state, including this one, which is murder. But the air force has set up its own disciplinary procedure. A board is investigating and will decide the punishments for the suspect. The girl’s parents have been contacted and the NAF has commiserated with the family.”