KNUT Names Conditions For Supporting Uhuru In Upcoming General Election



The Secretary General of the Kenya National Union of Teachers, Wilson Sossion, offered Uhuru Kenyatta certain circumstances allowing him getting teachers' support in August 2017, General Election.


The primary demand was that until October 2016, the government must have signed the special collective bargaining deal. According to it, as Tuko reports, teachers` salary should be increased by almost 500%. Otherwise, all Kenyan teachers will refuse to support the current president for re-election in August 2017

Sossion also emphasized that he would not recognize to be arm-twisted by the President because Kenyan teachers need a quality life. Unfortunately, the TSC keep on doing nothing to improve teachers` financial conditions.
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Samuel Arua

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In Nigeria, to maneuver them is simply by making a promise to grant that. After which nothing will be done. Instead, the president will be kicked out.