Metro Lagos Govt Unveils Buses That Will Replace Yellow Danfo [SEE PHOTOS]


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Lagos state government during the week announced its plan to eradicate Danfo buses off Lagos roads.

As follow up to that, the government has finally unveiled buses that will replace danfo.

Below are some photos posted by

lagos new buses 2.PNG

lagos new buses 3.PNG

lagos new buses 1.PNG


This is quite easy.

Kamoru will just change the paint of his danfo from yellow to white (and some blue).

"Na orijina Lagos bus," his conductor, Mufutau, will say to LASTMA officials convincingly, and thereafter some change will change hands.

Eko o ni baje!
How many buses will govt buy to outpaste d yellow buses in Lagos , where will d agberos bus driver will be and wheat program s did govrt have for them