Lagos island crisis

How can Lagos State government help in maintaining law and order in Lagos island?

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Recent media statement of Alhaji Kunle Poly on the current crisis in Lagos Island vis-à-vis: idumota, eyin eyo, agarawu etc to mention few and attributing it to the state chairman of NATIONAL UNION OF ROAD TRANSPORT WORKERS (NURTW) Lagos chapter Alhaji Akinsanya Musiliu (M.C OLUOMO) isn’t only petty, childish, oppressive but also derogatory and above all a character assassination on the part of the state chairman. The character of Kunle Poly in the past and present is synonymous to evil for those who have had encounters with the dare-devil and It is not new or strange to read such ridiculous and irrational statement from Kunle poly as this has long be expected not only from him but also other anti-progressive and bad eggs within the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) who are on the verge of causing chaos in the union.

Setting the record straight, and history must not be swept underground. The issue of 19 units and 7 units as mentioned by Kunle Poly is arithmetical and, ‘WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS ALSO GOOD FOR THE GANDER’ and what he realizes every day in the units he mentioned in his press should be revealed by him to the world, the illegal tax and tokens he collect from the masses in lagos island which resulted into the crisis should also be made known to the world. The other units were shared among other rivalry groups so as to minimize the crisis in lagos island. Kunle poly didn’t tell Nigerians his role of fueling the Lagos island crisis before jetting out of Lagos so as not to be seen as an actor in the game.

ARTICLE 42 SECTION 4 SUBSECTION VIII openly nullified Kunle poly from being a branch chairman because he had served more than two terms in the office which is totally an aberration to the sacrosanct constitution of NATIONAL UNION OF ROAD TRANSPORT WORKERS but pleadings against witch hunting and calls for reconciliation from various quarters was a factor in re-electing Kunle poly into one of the branches mentioned in his press and also to accommodate some of the warring factions into other branches so as to give space for peace and harmony in Lagos island.

Nigerians shouldn’t be bamboozled by Kunle poly’s sentiments of buying peoples sympathy, where there is none as this is more of political gimmicks to tarnish the image and personality of Alhaji Akinsanya Musiliu (M.C Oluomo). So many assassination attempts and attacks were launched in 2019 which nearly cost the life of M.C Oluomo by Kunle Poly and his gangs of thugs but after the emergence of MC OLUOMO, there was never in any way a reprisal attack whatsoever but instead they were all incorporated in the affairs and administration of NURTW lagos chapter which a man of conscience and dignity would have done.

there were series of attacks on the state chairman (MC OLUOMO) by Kunle Poly during Agbede led administration which nearly cost the life of M.C Oluomo but that was set aside during the inauguration of new executives in which Kunle poly was returned as a branch chairman in Lagos Island despite having completed 3 terms as a branch chairman which is even a violation to the convention and constitution of the national union as you are only entitled to hold chairmanship post for two terms.

The progress of the national union is the utmost priority of Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya and unnecessary digression from this will be seen as petty as said earlier. The unity remains certain and the bad eggs won’t be allowed to cause disunity irrespective of there status in the union.

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