Metro Lagos: LIST of 7 Traffic Offences That May Land You In Jail



The state government last Friday inaugurated five Mobile Court buses for road traffic offenders, with a pledge to end impunity on the roads.

The Chief Judge of the State, Justice Olufunmilayo Atilade‎ and the State’s Attorney General, Kazeem Adeniji, restated their commitments to ridding Lagos of recklessness and impunity on the roads at the inauguration.

Under the Lagos Traffic Law of 2012, which will be strictly enforced from Monday by the Traffic Courts, violators of some of the offences can be jailed for some number of months.


Below are the seven offences that offenders can either be fined, imprisoned or both.

- Driving an unlicensed vehicle
- Driving with a fake number plate
- Driving a vehicle with an unauthorized or defective number plate
- Driving with a forged driver’s licence
- Neglect of traffic directions
- Driving motorcycle without approved crash element by driver and passenger
- Operating vehicle within restricted routes or beyond official hours

Source: TheNation