Lily Hospital: 7 World Class Treatments You Can Get In Nigeria



According to a February 29 2016 report in The Nation, Nigerians reportedly spend over $3 billion per year on hospital treatment in Dubai, South Africa, UK, Germany and the US. In time past, medical treatment abroad used to be the exclusive preserve of the rich, who can afford the luxury and first class treatments that come with it. Now several Nigerian companies have risen to the challenge of providing affordable world class medical services within our borders.

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With the presence of well-trained surgeons from across the world, and advanced technology, Lily Hospitals satisfactorily delivers excellent and affordable care to people through these health care services that you don't have to travel abroad for. They include:

Fertility Services – At Lily hospitals, with a team of fertility specialists, we offer our patients one of the best technology available in infertility treatment. We assist couples experiencing difficulty with conception through In vitro fertilization (otherwise known as IVF). IVF is an assisted reproductive technology, is a way that infertile couples may be able to achieve pregnancy safely and successfully.

Orthopedics - At Lily Hospital, our orthopaedic specialists provide expert treatment for all aspects of musculoskeletal injuries including inpatient and outpatient surgical care, rehabilitation, and orthotics and prosthetics. The doctors – with the finest practices have specific training and experience in a broad range of orthopedic specialties such as sports medicine, trauma, joint replacement, pediatrics, oncology, spine, shoulder and elbow, foot and ankle and hand.

Urology - At Lily hospital, we offer diagnosis and treatment of both female and male urinary systems including kidneys, ureters, bladders, urethra and disorders of the male reproductive system. Our Urology centre is equipped with the latest machinery including Laser lithotripsy for all kidney stones , bipolar diathermy for trans urethral of prostate, C-Arm for fluoroscopy during endoscopic surgery, Uroflowmetry etc. We offer endoscopy for all urological procedures and more.

ENT Lily Hospitals run a comprehensive Ear, Throat and Nose clinic for adults and children. Our qualified ENT surgeon specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of disorders affecting the ear, nose and throat with special interest in Rhinology and otology.

Special Obstetrics and Gyneacology services: Lily hospital offers painless labour and laparoscopic myomectomy. Our Gynecology approach involves providing a breadth of specialist expertise and support services for the range of disorders, major and minor, affecting the female reproductive system. Our Consultant Gynecologists and Doctors advise patients on any aspect of women's health from fertility issues, contraception, gynecological problems or difficulties associated with the menopause. We use the very latest diagnostic and imaging technology and nursing staff are specially trained to care for women of diverse ages. Conditions treated at our Gynecology clinic include,fertility, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, menopause, fibroids, endometriosis, abnormal smear tests, incontinence, prolapse, infections, vulval disease and fertility.

Ophthalmology – Lily Hospital's Opthalmology centre provides a world-class diagnostic, medical and surgical care of the eyes for adults and children. The services incude: Complete Examination & Screening of the Eyes, Diagnosis and treatment of Minor Eye Problems, Cataract surgery and Complicated Eye surgeries.

Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging - With high-tech and quality equipment which include MRI,Mammmography unit,4-D ultrasound, Lily Hospitals with qualified radiologists and radiographers offer quality Radiology and diagnostic imaging including CT scan, 3D and 4 D Ultrasound scan.

A showcase of the ultra-modern equipment at Lily Hospital is in the short video clip below:

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Visit us at 6, Britibe Street Off Etuwewe Road, Off Deco Road, Warri Delta State and 18, Edo-Osagie St, Benin City

You can call us on 07053351741 or 08127199957.

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We have this world-class centre in Nigeria, and down in the heart beat of Delta...

Why did they fly Number 1 cabal to London.

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