World [LIST] 10 Most Powerful Women in The World



FORBES has released its list of most powerful women in the world.

The list according to FORBES, is a definitive annual audit of the foremost heads of state, iconic entrepreneurs and CEOS, celebrity role models, billionaire activists, and pioneer philanthropists, all ranked by money, media momentum, spheres of influence and impact.

1. Angela Merkel

Chancellor, Germany

angela merkell.jpg

2. Hillary Clinton
Presidential Candidate, United States

hilary clinton.jpg

3. Melinda Gates
Cochairwoman, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United States

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4. Janet Yellen
Chairwoman, Federal Reserve Bank, United States

janet yellen.jpg

5. Mary Barra
CEO, General Motors, United States

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6. Christine Lagarde
Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, France

christine lagarde.jpg

7. Dilma Rousseff
President, Brazil
dilma rousseff.jpg

8. Sheryl Sandberg
COO of Facebook, United States

sheryl sandberg.jpg

9. Susan Wojcicki
CEO, Youtube, United States

susan wojcicki.jpg

10. Michelle Obama
First Lady, United States

michelle obama.jpg

Two Nigerians were included in the top 100 list

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Alakija and Okonjo-Iweala made the list. I can imagine how people would react if Dame Patience was on that list.