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In the current season there has been a serious struggle for the champion title in the Bundesliga. After the first round, Borussia Dortmund topped the standings confidently enough, and sometimes its lead over Bayern reached 9 points. However, after the New year a lot has changed. The Bumblebees began to make many mistakes in both the domestic and international arenas. At the end, this led to the fact that Bayern was able to play such a noticeable handicap back, so the last part of the tournament distance promises to be as stressful as possible, because any misfire will be extremely expensive for the contenders for the title.

Thanks to the livescores and latest football news, you can follow all the relevant information from the world of the German championship and other competitions in a convenient format.

If we compare the two contenders for the title, then at the beginning of spring Bayern looks more preferable, as gained speed and had a few consecutive victories in the national championship.

Will Kovac’s team manage to win in the Bundesliga?
Back in the fall, the doubts about the triumph of the Munichers would have seemed like a joke, because they looked very unconvincing, and there were constant rumors that the head coach had a conflict with the players. However, the situation began to change for the better gradually, and now it is quite possible that it is Bayern that will win in the bundesliga once again. The advantages of Kovac’s squad over Borussia include:

  1. Experience - The team has repeatedly become the champion of the country, so it knows well how to distribute the forces for a long tournament distance.
  2. Individual skills of the professional players - This season, Lewandowski is as good as usual, Goretzka and Gnabry have become noticeably stronger.It resulted in the winter breakthrough of Bayern, which managed to reduce Borussia’s advantage to null.
  3. Motivation - This season will be the last for the legends of Munich, Robben and Ribera. The veterans will surely want to leave the team on a positive note and to win another title.
For Bayern, the Bundesliga’s matches are extremely important, so there is no doubt that the team will do its best at 100% in every single match. You can follow the progress of events thanks to the site of sports statistics, where only the verified information is presented to you. Even a beginner can understand how to use it, and you will not waste your time on finding the correct information.
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