Metro Man Who Set Son Ablaze for 'Robbing' Roadside Beggars Exiled



A commercial motorist, Kehinde Akangbe, has been exiled from the Omu-Aran Traditional council for setting his son ablaze.

Also named Surutu, the motorist has been given a week to leave the community, located in Kwara state.

Late last year he reportedly set his son, Sola, a 22-year-old wheelbarrow pusher, on fire after he was accused of stealing an undisclosed amount of money from some road-side beggars in Omu-Aran when he was caught and handed over to his father.

The father was said to have allegedly taken his son to a nearby bush along Omu-Aran/Isanlu-Isin road, tied his hands and legs, and set him ablaze.

Sola, who was still alive when he was rescued, told his rescuers that his father was responsible for the act. He died afterwards from complications from the injuries he sustained during the fire.

The father has since been on trial by the council for the crime.

Azeez Adeniyi, the spokesperson for the Omu-Aran Traditional Council, said Mr. Akangbe’s action was a bad precedence and contrary to the community’s laid down rules and regulations. That's why he was banished, he said.


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