Metro Mba Reveals Counter Measure Against Female Suicide Bombers



The Police Public Relations Officer ACP Frank Mba, on Wednesday while answering questions at the National Information Centre in #Abuja said international terror organisations use female suicide bombers in attacks because they are less suspicious.

``Established international terror organisations use female suicide bombers, the major reason is because women, generally raise fewer suspicion, particularly when there are security layers.

``If you have been following the trend of terrorism worldwide, you will understand that the use of a female suicide bomber is not new.

``But, it is a new trend in our own part of the world’’, he said.

The force spokesman, however, said a new counter-terrorism strategy was being developed to address the new trend in the country.

``By our rules of engagement and by our culture too, male security operatives generally are not allowed to search females.

``You will see increase in female security personnel on roads and in other places where stop and search exercises are being carried out.

``Nigerians should be prepared to see more female police officers, bomb disposal experts, DSS operatives and soldiers in combat operations’’, he said.

Mba appealed to parents and Local Government authorities across the country to support efforts to stamp out street hawking by young girls, particularly among minors

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