Politics Mega Party Merger Talks: PDP is a Joker- APC



The APC has described the plan by the PDP to merge with other political parties to dislodge it in 2019 as a big joke.

PDP has opened talks with the leaderships of seven political parties, including Labour Party (LP) and Social Democratic Party (SDP) on how to align forces in order to wrest power from the APC by 2019.

The Deputy national chairman (South), Engr. Segun Oni said no party would be bigger than APC by 2019.

According to him, PDP and other parties that may align with her will go down in rumbles.

“If PDP dies, there will be another opposition party. What I believe which is not visible is the idea of calling it a mega party, because no party that will emerge will be bigger than APC. That is what l’m saying.

"I have always predicted from the beginning, long before now, that PDP will go down in rumbles and that it will thereafter grind to powder. So, we are not saying that the PDP will not come back; we are saying, don’t call whatever political party that is coming a mega party. It cannot be bigger than the APC.”


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