World Men Arrested in Egypt for Attending 'Same Sex Wedding' Test Negative for Homosexuality


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Seven men who were arrested for participating in what was thought to be Egypt's first gay wedding were made to take physical examinations to ascertain their sexual orientation, and they tested negative for homosexuality, DailyMail reports.

A YouTube video was posted online which showed one man being given a ring, as other men shouted in delight. The camera then lingered on a cake decorated with two men standing side by side.

Turns out, according to one of their statements, that the event was a misunderstanding as the men were celebrating a friend's birthday party and had given him a silver ring because it was something the celebrant 'had always wanted'.

Spokesperson on Frensic authority Hisham Abdel-Hamid, speaking with Ahram online said: "according to inspection, the seven suspects have never had sex with other men."

Human Rights Watch has demanded the release of the men, saying: “such examinations violate international standards against torture.”

“In the past, those subjected to the examinations in Egypt said they were forced to bend over while a government doctor working for the police massaged their buttocks and examined and sometimes probed their anus. Though they’ve been used in courts, experts dismiss them as “medically and scientifically useless” in determining whether consensual anal sex has taken place”