Sports Minister to establish a Court of Arbitration for Sports in Nigeria

Nigeria's sports minister,Tamuno Danagogo has revealed plans to establish a Court of Arbitration for Sports(CAS) in the country.

The minister in a bid to forestall sports matters being taken to a court of law,wants to establish CAS to settle the disputes that may arise between people.

More affected is the Nigeria Football Federation(NFF) who are no strangers to court cases,with the football federation enmeshed in so many legal battles.

“It is important as a people in this country that we understand that as a government, principally we are governed by law and order as well as the constitution of Nigeria," Danagogo said in Abuja.

“We obey the rules and regulations governing football but as a government we must also know that the laws of this country must be obeyed.

“Whatever role, if any that I have played in the course of whatever has been happening is the role that our laws and constitution enjoins us as Nigerians to do.

“ If in the course of that period, certain actions are taken in furtherance of that order, it is the court order.

“But to make sure that such does not repeat itself, we have resolved to have our CAS.

“This is because one of the legacies I want to leave as the minister is to have a viable CAS,’’ Danagogo said.

The minister even had to implement a court injunction that sacked the NFF executives last month,initially appointing an administrator before it was settled out of court.

On Friday,Danagogo reinstated the Aminu Maigari as the NFF president but noted that a viable CAS will help settle Court cases in Nigeria.

“The reason why all these are happening is that a lot of people are involved in sports, particularly football, and certainly there must be disagreement.

“But when there is disagreement and we don’t have a CAS in Nigeria where they can seek redress nearby, that is why you see them always going to regular court.

“Now, we want to stem that trend by making sure that a viable CAS is set up, so that whenever there are disputes in sports and cases are taken there, we will obey whatever the outcome is.

“This is because one of the worst things you do in managing any system is to have a situation where people aggrieved have nowhere to seek redress, that means you want disorder,’’ Danagogo said.


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