Politics Ministerial Screening: See the 19 Questions,Senators Asked Prof. Isaac Adewole



Here are the questions the Senators asked Prof. Isaac Adewole at the Upper Chamber today during the ministerial screening exercise.
  1. What will be done to upgrade the Educational System if you are sent there

  2. Tell us sincerely what you think can be done to root out Cultism in our campuses

  3. Explain more on the issue of abortion since he is known to support the act

  4. On the practice of Medicine, what are the plight of Medical Doctors

  5. What can we do to inculcate a culture of personal hygiene

  6. What do you think we can do to ensure a better Medical System in place

  7. Do you think it's ethical for Doctors to work in Gov.t Hospitals and still work in Private Clinics

  8. How can we improve technology for medical doctors

  9. Why do medical doctors prefer the urban workplaces to the rural area

  10. What will be your contribution to attract Nigerian Nurses to stay back in Nigeria

  11. What will be your advice on State Governments privatising Public Health Institutions

  12. What do you think is responsible for the brain-drain of our medical experts

  13. What will you do to raise the level of Public Health Awareness in the area of cancer

  14. How do you ensure harmony between medical practitioners

  15. what are the causes high rate of Maternal Mortality in the Country.

  16. What do you think we can do to ensure a better Medical System in place

  17. How can you work on the non-functional National Health Insurance Scheme

  18. What will you do to prevent issues of women giving birth in Churches

  19. How can we improve the education sector and the need to stop 'sex for marks' in the tertiary institutions