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RESPLENDENT in sweeping robes and twirled turbans, Nigeria’s emirs, scions of the northern sultans of yore, are still among the most influential leaders of the country. The most recent addition to their ranks, Lamido Sanusi, is already one of Nigeria’s foremost figures—and has one of its best minds. His recent election as emir of Kano makes him the country’s second-highest authority in the Muslim north after the Sultan of Sokoto. His appointment may also create tension with President Goodluck Jonathan, who sacked him in February as governor of the central bank after Mr Sanusi spoke out against corruption in high places.

For centuries before the British imperialists arrived in what is now northern Nigeria, the emirs ruled as kings. Today they hold little constitutional power, but their influence is still huge. They act as peacemakers, rally public opinion, preserve religious tradition, and endorse political candidates. On paper, they are neutral. But Mr Sanusi’s election is politically charged.

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The Western Media. Next week they will call him a terrorist. But then again they never question human rights, freedom of press, women's rights, gay rights etc etc in Saudi Arabia or any of the other gulf autocratic states. Money talks, BS walks!