General Money Management – Best Mobile Apps to Keep Your Finance in Check


In the opulent age of consumerism, creators of mobile apps for financing come flocking from all sides. These designers mass-produce a plethora of apps for you to choose from. We are here today to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you’ve been in the world of mobile financing for a while, you must have asked yourself, What is the best finance app?

Perhaps it’s a good idea to have a slow intro into mobile banking before delving deeper. Mobile banking is the most convenient form of banking our kind has ever seen. The option allows users to monitor their finances, instantly transfer money and get account alerts and enjoy online gaming. Online entertainment, in particular, has been made ridiculously accessible and hassle-free with mobile payments.

Our mission is to display all the pros and cons of these mobile apps in an unbiased way. Once you are done reading this article, you’ll be able to decide for yourself which one works best for you. Let’s dig in.
Here is the list of top mobile apps to keep track of your finances.

#1 Mint
Financial management is a skill that takes plenty of time to master. That’s why you need a friendly mobile app that won’t be too hard on your on that journey. One good choice is Mint. Mint is our top selection hands down, taking all of its segments into consideration.
The mobile app is perfect for iPhone and iPad and it is currently the best bills and finance tracker. All information is colour-coded so it’s easy to navigate. Additionally, you can view your banking info through graphs and chart. Mint will work for both students and business people due to its straightforwardness and simplicity. The best thing about Mint? It is entirely free to use.

#2 Prism
Another great pick is Prism. Similar to Mint, it makes the best of the colour use. Simply enter your bills and relevant details to track the changes in real time. The app updates your data regularly, so you’ll know where you stand exactly. To date, more than 11,000 people have downloaded the Prism app from the app store. Perhaps you should see why for yourself. Prism is a time and lifesaver.

#3 YNAB – You Need A Budget
Moving onto apps that are optimised for both Android and iOS phones, YNAB is a great go-to. Short for You Need A Budget, YNAB is downloadable in Play Store and App Store. Your personal bank teller will track every aspect of your day-to-day banking. YNAB allows you to import your transactions from your budget and categorise them as you wish. You can have divided “accounts” in the app and make the app fully tailored.

#4 Acorns
What do we like most? Low minimum deposits. With Acorns app, you can import as little as €5 (or equivalent) daily, weekly and monthly. Acorns mobile app lets you connect your credit/debit card to it and follow how your funds change. Other than just pure business, Acorns lets you read relevant news from the industry, so you stay informed. Lastly, Acorns financing app is free to download for your smartphone device.

#5 Empower Money Management
To wrap up the list in style, we need to complete it with Time Magazine’s best app of the year 2017. Besides, Forbes named Empower Money Management (EMM) the best tech app for finance. Empower is another easy-to-use mobile app that will smoothly track your bills, savings and expenses. Use Empower on a day-to-day basis to monitor your finances on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. Empower is considered so efficient because of the updates and advancements it frequently introduces. At the time of writing, you are welcome to try out the new Empower Cash Advance. Empower Money Management is free of charge.

And those were our top picks for apps for tracking your banking businesses that you can download on your mobile device.
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