Politics Murtala Nyako Impeached by Adamawa Assembly



Minutes after Adamawa state Deputy Governor, Bala Ngilari turned in his resignation, Governor Murtala Nyako has been impeached by the state assembly.

Premium Times reported that due to the impeachment, there is high security presence on the road leading to the Assembly and inside the complex.

More details later....

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1. Do unto others as you would want others do to you. Plan no evil against anyone. Even if your enemy pray for him.
2. When digging a pit for your enemy be careful you may fall into it. A few days ago he was planning the down fall of the President, little did he know he would go before him.
Karma, if it exists, probably caught up with him. So unlucky.

Its time for someone else to come and repeat what he's been doing.

Pouring old bottles into new wines. SMH