Muslim-Muslim Ticket; A division of the Nation -by Ajiboye Amos Olakunle


No doubt, the rumor is not just spreading around, it's being defended by the members of APC

It's about time when another national decision is taken, a decision that reflects the future of the population; the General Election.

The citizens have never been this prepared, fingers crossed and almost everyone can't wait to see a new era.

As usual, the two major political parties have filled their presidential candidates and the candidates of the all progressives congress(A.P.C) seems to be questionable as they're hinting a possible same religion ticket.

Usually, the presidential candidate should have a different religion with his or her deputy to ensure an equal representation in the government. This has been the status since a very long time.

Just like the opposition party has filled a Muslim candidate as president, they've filled a Christian candidate as the deputy to ensure equal representation in the government.

However, the logic behind the Muslim Muslim candidacy is the crowd attached to the religion compared to the other which could possibly grant more popularity.

The blunder of a Muslim Muslim Candidacy would not only result to a division but also a catastrophe and tragedy as seen in states like Kaduna, Borno and others.

Nigeria is already faced with ethnicity and tribal beefs traceable to religion sentiments and disagreements. Just 2022 alone, over 20 people have been extrajudicually executed based on religious misconceptions.

Part of what attracts voters in an election is the availability of equal representation in the cabinet. If this is lacking, citizens might be apathy

With several implications the decision of a Muslim Muslim candidacy has shown, if it's not avoided, it might reduce our dear nation to nothing.