Metro My Wife Is A Lesbian, I Wear Make Up And Wig Before I Have Sex With Her - Man Cries Out - Nairaland



I’m not sharing my story to get sympathy from the public. I don’t need sympathy, I only believe someone out there should hear my story. I’ve been thinking about sharing my story with you the day I read the story you published about the woman who found out her husband was gay. I didn’t find out she was a lesbian, she confessed it a week to our wedding.

I’ve dated a lot of women I had the intention to get married to but most of the relationship didn’t work out. They leave me just when I thought everything was going right. Most of the excuses I got were either flimsy or confusing; “I don’t think I’m good enough for you.” “I believe another lady will serve a better wife to you than I am.” “You are too good to be around a woman like me.”

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