Metro N1.3m Bill: Hospital Seizes Corpse Of Housewife For 8 Months



The Nigeria Medical association and the Anambra State Police Command are trying to unravel the circumstances behind the refusal of a medical director of an hospital in Ozubulu to release the body of a patient, Mrs. Evan Anajemba, who died in the hospital eight months ago, for burial

A lawyer, Dr. E.E. Egbunonu, petitioned the state Commissioner of Police and the NMA on behalf of her husband Mr Anajemba alleging that negligence on the part of the director killed the woman. He said “Mrs. Anajemba came for a fibroid operation at an agreed total bill of N252,000 out of which a deposit of N140,000 was demanded and paid. “The said doctor went on to operate the deceased and, in the process, she gave up the ghost as a result of the negligent conduct of the doctor, who, at the heat of his mistake, gave the deceased 15 pints of blood at an additional cost of N16,500 per pint. He removed her womb without the husband's consent. Instead of feeling remorse for causing the avoidable death of the deceased, the medical director veered off from the agreed bill of N252,000 and wrote another bill of N1,368,850.

Mr Anajemba, speaking to reporters, appealed to the doctor to release his wife's corpse for burial. ''If that woman is not buried, I will not have rest of mind, he said.

Though the police had invited the two parties for a meeting, the hospital director failed to turn up and the body of Mrs. Anajemba has continued to lie at the mortuary for the past eight months


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