NB Weekly 9: Nigeria's Political House Of Cards


Over the past few weeks, we have seen the full stack of cards from Nigerian politicians: the jokers, the kings and the queens, but very few aces. Disappointed supporters from all sides have been left wondering if they should hold, fold or walk away. One thing is certain, the future progress of Nigerians is not a part of this poker game.

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  • FEATURED: Nigeria's Political House Of Cards
  • Health: 8 Great Habits That Improves Fertility In Men
  • Money: Pension Scheme: 12 Things Every Nigerian Worker Should Know
  • Life: Listen Nigeria, Rape Is No Joke!
  • Careers: LinkedIn: 8 Important Things Every Nigerian Job Seeker Should Know
  • Tech: 2017 Honda Accord: 7 Things Nigerians Should Know
  • Video: Forbes: 10 Richest Africans, 2017 In 60 Seconds
  • Video: Nigeria Cars: Toyota Camry 2017 Overview In 60 Seconds
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