Politics New Police IG Suleiman Abba Makes Intelligence-Gathering Top Priority



The newly appointed Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba, on Friday revealed that one of his priorities is to lead an intelligence-driven Police Force.

Abba stressed that with the wave of insurgency and terrorism in the land, focus in policing has shifted to crime prevention through surveillance and intelligence gathering.

“My experience teaches me that policing has changed, and is still changing. Policing is no more about arresting, investigating and prosecution only.

“The responsibility of the police in a democracy transcends these traditional roles, to expectations in ensuring a stable democracy conducive to good governance.

“The police under my watch will create an enabling environment for economic development and provide acceptable basic service delivery for the people of our country,” Abba stated.

“In consonance with the President’s Transformation Agenda, I will develop and implement constructive policing strategies for the maintenance of a stable democracy and economic growth.

“I have gained valuable insight and experience to appreciate the challenges the police and the country are facing. It is based on these experiences that I intend to formulate a vision and strategy for leading the Force to its prime,” the new IGP added.

Abba according to #TheNation, further stated that he would ensure the #police are focused on laid out priorities and that resources are diligently managed and equitably distributed in line with these priorities.