Metro Nigeria: Aviation Authority Suspends 3 Pilots for Drinking Alcohol Before Operating Flights


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The three pilots suspended by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, for taking alcohol before operating their flights are to undergo psychiatric evaluation before rejoining the service.


Mr Sam Adurogboye, Acting General Manager, Public Relations, NCAA, disclosed on Friday in Lagos.

NCAA had recently withdrawn the licenses of the trio and placed them on a three-month suspension for breaching civil aviation regulations in the country.

According to the rules, a pilot is prohibited from taking alcohol for at least three hours before flight time.

Adurogboye noted that such act could compromise the safety of their passengers, adding that the NCAA was very vigilant in ensuring strict compliance to safety rules.

“It is very clear. They are to be off duty for three months. While on suspension, they are to be made to go through psychiatric evaluation before rejoining the service,” he said.

Adurogboye, therefore, advised all airline operators and pilots to abide by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig.CARs), stressing that offenders would be visited with severe penalties.
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