Business Nigeria: Buhari Breaks NIPOST



The Federal Government of Nigeria has unbundled the Nigerian Postal Service NIPOST, into seven zones and six business units, NIPOST Spokesman, Frank Alao announced on Monday.

According to him, the fragmentation is so as to enhance NIPOST's revenue generating capacity.

The reform programmes will take off in the second quarter of 2017.

Upon commencement, NIPOST will operate on the basis of a seven-zone structure as against the hitherto 38-territory arrangement it currently has. The following six commercial business units will also come on stream.

The newly created zones will consist of group of existing territories.

The Zonal arrangement purely for Postal administrative convenience is aimed at entrenching the principle of delegation and devolution of powers as well as aids accelerated decision making process particularly in key operations areas like mail routes delineation, deliveries and postal enquiries.


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