Nigeria Can Eradicate Ebola Before End of September- NCDC



Project director of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Prof.Abdulsalami Nasidi, yesterday in Abuja said that Nigeria can eradicate the deadly Ebola epidemic from the country by September if it sustains its current efforts at tackling the disease, #Leadership reports.

“Let me say here that if the current efforts at tackling the disease are sustained, we should be able to defeat Ebola on or before September 6, 2014. But, that is not say the threat of reappearance will no longer be there.”

He urged Nigerians to stop panicking over disease, saying it was not as deadly as it is being painted, adding that the virus is not easily contactable until the living host becomes visibly sick.

“The president should be commended because he came back from a trip when the virus landed in the nation and swiftly went into action by championing the cause of containing the disease, and made funds available to that effect. The minister and governor are excellent people; their performance was excellent because they acted swiftly and decisively to bring the situation under control,” he said.

He further condemned the call by some embassies for intending travellers to present an Ebola-free certificate, describing it as unnecessary.

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