Metro Nigeria: Christian, Muslim Leaders Condemn Wole Soyinka



Christian and Islamic leaders have condemned Wole Soyinka for urging Nigerians to "kill religion" before it kills Nigeria.

The Christian Association of Nigeria and the Juma'atu Nasril Islam said the statement is unfair and unkind.

CAN's national Director of Legal and Public Affairs, Kwamkur Samuel, said:

"With due respect to Prof. Soyinka, it is not true that religion is the bane of Nigeria's stability. No genuine religion promotes killngs and destruction of live and property. It is unfair for the Nobe laureate to project religion as a problem when it is the faithful believers that are praying and sacrificing to keep the nation moving.

"I challenge the professor to identify one attack on any community in Nigeria that was reported to have been carried out by Christians. Let him show any terrorist group by whatever name that shouts the name of Jesus before attacks or claim they are fighting for Jesus.

Secretary General of the JNI, Dr. Abdulkadir Khalid-Aliyu said:

"Is Prof. Soyinka saying religion is bad? It is important that we really have to be decorous and be respectful of the sensibility of the people.

"Even in advanced countries, people respect religion and adhere to religion.

"If he is talking about moderration and the need to really purge ourselves of extremism in the practice of religion or of being used to advance considerations that are inimical to peace and development, then, that could be understandable."



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