Business Nigeria: Egbin Power Station Targets 2,670MW of Electricity by 2017



In a bid to end electricity woes in Nigeria, a total of N50bn has been injected into Egbin Thermal Power Station since November 2013, when the company was privatised, Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo said in Lagos on Saturday according to Daily Independent.

He said the new management of Egbin power station invested over N 50 billion to revive its lost 220 mega watts from unit 6, bring the plant back to its installed capacity of 1,320MW.

He said that the Federal Government and the new management of Egbin power plant is targeting 2,670 mega watts by 2017 from 1,320 mega watts.

“We have been assured by the new owners of the station that now that the 220 mega watts unit has come on stream, the station is targeting to contribute about 2,670 mega watts to the national grid. What we are celebrating today is one of the rich harvests of privatization This has shown that privatization is working very well. This station is the largest power plant in West Africa,’’ he said.

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