Politics Nigeria: I Became Head of State by Accident - Yakubu Gowon



Ex Head of State, Yakubu Gowon, has stated that he came into leadership position by an accident of nature.

He said this in reaction to calls for the reduction of age limit to contest for presidential position in Nigeria to 30 years.

“What happened was the accident of history," he said. “When you have lost your leadership and there was crisis and you don’t know what to do and it happened that those within your constituency chose you, what would you do?

Gowon said he was lucky within the military at the time and was well known.

“I had no intention to become head of state but it is the opportunity, if opportunity presents itself and people ask you to do it then do it.

“What I have achieved is (because of) God. I had never thought of becoming head of state but there was a coup and all my senior colleagues were killed and I was the only one that survived.

“My plan was to rise in my profession and hopefully become a head in my profession but that did not happen.

“I didn’t know what happened but I had the duty and responsibility to ensure the coup in Lagos did not succeed’’, he said.

He spoke when he was visited by Senator Shehu Sani on Wednesday in Abuja.

News Agency of Nigeria


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