Business Nigeria: Pinnacle Trading and Investment Ltd IS NOT Our Auctioneer- EFCC



The EFCC has issued a statement disowning Pinnacle Trading and Investment Nigeria Limited as its auctioneer.

According to the statement, Pinnacle Trading & Investment Nig. Ltd. who have been parading themselves as auctioneers appointed by the Commission to dispose of impounded petroleum products aboard MT Good Success and MT Asteris.

"The general public is hereby warned to refrain from engaging in any activity in relation to the auctioning of any vessel or petroleum product on behalf of the Commission, as EFCC has not duly authorized anyone to act on its behalf in that regard," the statement said.

"The sources of the fraudulent letter of engagement being paraded by Messrs. Pinnacle Trading & Investment Nig. Ltd., are currently being investigated, with a view to bringing them to book."


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