Metro Nigeria Police to Start Using Stun Guns Instead of Firearms



Police IG Solomon Arase has stated that the policemen on metro duty will start using stun guns in the near future as opposed to firearms.

This according to him is to reduce the number of casualties suffered from stray bullets and indecent discharge of firearms.

“Right now, what we are trying to do is to discourage issuing firearms to police officers, who go on metro patrol. And that is why we are thinking of introducing stun guns this year.

“Stun guns can incapacitate you, demobilise you, but they will not kill you. So, in case there is a mistake, then we will be able to ensure that the fatality is not such that will result in death.

“It is also true that from statistics we have internal mechanisms for dealing with people who engage in misuse of firearms and I must tell you that many of them have been dismissed. But it is not every day you will see it on the pages of the paper that they have been dismissed.”

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