Business Nigeria Shuts Down Port Harcourt Plant as City's Air Pollution Becomes Unbearable



The Federal Government of Nigeria has declared a state of emergency in Port Harcourt and has also shut down a processing plant in the city as air pollution in the area became unbearable.

Residents of the city had been anxious over a strange black soot that settled over the city.

FG's decision followed a protest by the residents, in which they waved their hands in the air to show the soot stains from touching cars.

"The Federal Ministry of Environment has declared the air pollution in Port Harcourt an emergency situation and has subsequently issued a notice to temporarily shut down an asphalt processing plant...belching out thick smoke," the government said in a statement.

It did not name the firm, but a state government statement said it was from China.

"If I am having my bath, the colour of the water, the stains on the sink are always black," businessman Charles Adolor said. "Before we can use already-washed plates we have to rewash them again."

Adolor and his wife and son have been wearing face masks inside their apartment to protect themselves from the soot that covers everything from the windows to the bathroom.


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