Business Nigeria Turns Dumping Ground for Hazardous Fuel by Swiss Firms



Swiss refining firms have turned Nigeria and several other West African countries into dumping ground for dirty fuel products, a watchdog, Public Eye has affirmed.

The sulfur levels in the "dirty fuels" are far higher than those allowed in Europe, and are causing health and environmental hazards, the report said.

However, the practice isn't illegal as the dirty fuel meet the quality standards of Nigeria and the other countries.

Nigeria's fuel standards allow 3,000 parts per million of sulfur in diesel and 1,000 ppm in petrol. The European Union's limit is 10 ppm in petrol.

As a result, people in Lagos breathe 13 times more particulate matter than people in London.

Although the firms say the cost of raising fuel standards is expensive, Public Eye noted that they adjusted their blends with no increased costs when Ghana increased its standard and lowered its sulfur content level in 2014.


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