Politics Nigeria 'Under Siege' by Boko Haram- Minister of Defense



Minister of Defence, Aliyu Gusau, on Wednesday said that Nigeria was ‘under siege’ by insurgents and called for collective effort in the fight against terrorism and insurgency in the country.

“It is not just government and security services that are in the war, it is our country that is under siege.

“It is our war and war can only be won if we keep a united front, while we are concerned about our present we should also think of our future.

“The current challenges in some part of the country remind us that military might alone is not enough to ensure peace,’’ he said.

Mr. Gusau, however, said that military power was essential to ensure stability without which it would be impossible to build and sustain peace.

The minister said without the support of the people, especially the locals, the unseen enemies in an insurgency would retain the perception that they had the upper hand.

He said the armed forces required the total and unequivocal support of generality of Nigerians for their actions to remain legitimate.


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