10 Things Every Nigerian Should Know About The Site



Nigerianbride is the ultimate wedding blog that features stylish weddings and wedding inspirations. Planning a wedding can be stressful!!!! Having to organise everything to the last detail to create that perfect day is not a one day or a one man job. Nigerianbride provides inspiration for all aspects of weddings, from the wedding theme down to the wedding bouquet and cake, there’s something for you to ensure you have that flawless wedding you deserve. To help you stay further connected to wedding stories and pictures, we have also created a Nigerianbride App which can be downloaded from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

Here are 10 awesome reasons why Nigerianbride should be your go-to wedding site.
  1. The number one source for weddings - Nigerianbride provides a constant flow of the latest wedding pictures from glamorous weddings of Nigerians all around the world. If you love to stay updated on wedding news, Nigerianbride is for you.
  2. Sparkling Engagement Rings - As a guy, you probably do not know what type of engagement ring to get, what’s in vogue and what isn’t. Nigerian bride brings you pictures of the largest and most sparkling engagement rings that would make the heart of your intended melt like butter when you open that little black box.
  3. Creative engagement shoot ideas - There’s a lot riding on your engagement photos. You will use them for save the date or wedding invites so it is important they look good. With pictures, it’s not always about the photographer or the lighting. Sometimes it’s about what you are wearing and the mood of the picture. Nigerianbride has a library of engagement shoot ideas that will inspire you to create that perfect loved-by-everyone engagement photo.
  4. Beautiful Wedding themes - Now that you have set a wedding date, you will need a wedding theme. What colours will you use? Will it be a beach wedding, a fairy tale wedding, or a country themed wedding? Nigerianbride has pictorial inspiration for whatever theme has your heart.
  5. Connections To The Best Wedding Vendors - The wedding vendor has an important role to play in your wedding as they are the ones that turn your dream into reality. Choosing a wedding vendor is no light task. Nigerianbride provides a list of the best vendors in the business and proof of their successful creations so you have no reservations and can make the best choice.
  6. Bridal Shower Themes - You may not know that a bridal shower could be themed and tell a story. Nigerianbride provides pictures of glamorous bridal showers that are celebrity inspired or movie inspired. You could go further than an all-white themed shower. You could be different, be bold.
  7. Bridal Collections - Nigerianbride provides the latest and most stylish bridal collections from famous bridal designers all around the world. From Vera Wang to Elle Saab there is an endless array of options for that bride-to-be who hasn’t quite found her it gown.
  8. Beauty Tips - You are going to want to look perfectly gorgeous on the big day. Your hair and makeup has a large role to play in this. Nigerian bride brings you various shades of bridal makeup inspiration for whatever look you want. There are also beauty tips and DIYs on how to attain and retain flawless skin.
  9. Wedding Guest Ideas - So maybe you are not looking for wedding inspiration but you have a wedding to attend and nothing to wear. Nigerianbride provides fresh outfit ideas for wedding guests from different iconic and stylish women.
  10. Relationship Advice - It’s not all about weddings and glamour. Nigerian bride provides advice on relationships; how to mend relationships, have happy relationships and many more advice for whatever relationship puddle you find yourself.
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