Metro Nnamdi Kanu is Suffering From Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Charles Okah



According to Charles Okah, a Kuje Prisons inmate nominated to be leader of a faction of IPOB, Radio Biafra Director Nnamdi Kanu is referred to as "His Excellency, President of Biafra" at the incarceration facility.

In a sensational statement released yesterday, he accepted his nomination by The Rebranded Indigenous People of Biafra (TRIPOB) and the Renegade Indigenous People of Biafra (RENIPOB).

“Humility comes before honour. Even in prison, not a few concerned persons, particularly Biafrans have argued that Nnamdi Kanu believes he is already the “President of Biafra” and goes about with an ‘entourage’ and is addressed as “His Excellency”," he said.

“That is a fact I have witnessed myself. This narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) was enough to drive away so many of his admirers, who have since flocked in droves and thereby swelled the teeming number of TRIPOB members,” he asserted.

He then issued an "executive order" cancelling the planned ’surrender’ of the Biafran flag scheduled for January 15, 2017. "All preparations towards the ceremony must be put on hold with immediate effect," he said.



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