World Obama Begins Bombing Iraq [Graphic Images]


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America has jammed the pedal on the offensive on Iraq in a bid t tackle the ISIS problem once and for all. Others, however, are worried about the collateral damage.

American warplanes have bombarded an Islamic State artillery position in northern Iraq in a bid to halt the ISIS hoard sweeping the country and save thousands of innocent lives.

Two F/A18 fighter jets were dispatched from the USS George H. W. Bush to unleash 500lb laser-guided bombs on a group of Islamic militants towing artillery outside Kurdish capital Erbil, where U.S. troops are stationed as well as the American consulate.

In an unusual move, news of America's first military offensive in Iraq since it withdrew from the country in 2011 was released by Rear Admiral John Kirby through his Twitter account.

'US military aircraft conduct strike on ISIL artillery. Artillery was used against Kurdish forces defending Erbil, near US personnel,' he tweeted.

The assault swiftly follows Barack Obama's dramatic call to arms last night in which he authorised airstrikes to defend hundreds of thousands of non-Muslims being hunted down and slaughtered by Islamic State jihadists, declaring: 'America is coming to help.'

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Source: #DailyMail


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