Metro Obasanjo’s Bombshell That Nigeria May Soon Explode Is Not A Prediction [SaharaReporters]



When Matthew Aremu Okikiola Olusegun Obasanjo says that Nigeria is going to explode, you better believe him. If any of you reading this does not take that prediction seriously, I do, and here is why. I know Obasanjo arguably better than most of you reading this.

Obasanjo has remained an enigma for all of the years I have been knowing him. I came to know Obasanjo serving in the Corps of Engineers and I fully understood how he came to replace Benjamin Adekunle the black scorpion as the Commanding Officer of the Third Marine Commando who eventually ended the Biafran War for Nigeria. I was privileged to read classified materials in my capacity as Assistant Secretary and I took mental note of all important documents that passed thru my desk as a historian and a very inquisitive mind. I was 26 at the time and my mind was very sharp.


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