Politics Okonjo Iweala Speaks: The Most Important Thing to do When Fighting Corruption in Nigeria



Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Nigeria's for Finance Minister and Coordinating Minister for the economy, on Monday night appeared on an Aljazeera show.

During the show, she was quizzed on the possibility of eliminating corruption and achieving government transparency.

Let me start by saying that no level of corruption is really acceptable, so we should'n't persuade ourselves that there is some acceptable level. But we do accept we live in a real world, and whether it's a developed or a developing one, it's there.

"So the issue is how do you bring transparency and good governance so that people can have information.

"I think the more information citizens have the more they're able to question what is being done by their policy makers and that tends to have.. I'm not saying it stops corruption but it makes it harder.

Later on she added:

"I still believe in fighting corruption, that the most important thing you have to do is go beyond the individuals to institutions.

She also pointed out that she noticed there weren't financial systems or platforms in place to stop people from stealing from the treasury in Nigeria during her first tenure.

She said when she noticed this, she went to get President Obasanjo's support to ask World Bank, DFID and others to develop electronic platforms in 2005.

She said these systems, like the Treasury Single Account, TSA, are in place at the moment, and the current administration is building on them.


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