Politics Osun: PDP,APC Lawyers Engage in Fierce Battle of Words at INEC Office



On Tuesday, the legal representatives of All Progressive Congress (APC) and that of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) engaged in a fierce battle of words over election materials used during the August 9 governorship election in Osun state. .

The election tribunal had on on August 27, given an order to INEC to grant both the PDP and APC access to election materials used during the governorship election for inspection.

Mr Wuyep Ishaku, the INEC lawyer, was trying to furnish both parties with the materials requested for inspection at INEC office in Osogbo when he was interrupted by APC lead counsel, Mr Daud Akinloye.

According to Akinloye, the request and motion of the PDP to inspect Exhibit 'A' of the electoral materials used by INEC during the governorship election is ambiguous.

He said that this was in spite of the fact that it was an order from the election tribunal.

He said that INEC should clearly state what Exhibit 'A' in their custody was and bring them forward for inspection by both parties.

Akinloye alleged that INEC was conniving with the PDP to make the inspection “a PDP thing”.

Reacting, Mr Kehinde Adesiyan, the lead counsel of PDP, countered and told Akinloye to keep quiet and listen to INEC's lawyer's explanation.

The argument became heated when Adesiyan told Akinloye that he was stupid and the latter stood up raining abuses on him in return.

Ishaku was, however, able to calm the situation by explaining to Akinloye that INEC would present a paper listing materials in exhibit A in its custody.

According to him, it is an inclusive list of all the items and materials used during the governorship election.


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